Resident & Family Councils are important ways to be heard for independent and collective voices committed to maintain or improve the overall quality of care and the quality of life for residents living at Bywood East Health Care.

Councils are forums used to educate and inform residents, families and friends about such things as:

**Care in the facility

**Resident rights and responsibilities

**Resident and Family Council organization and maintenance

**Laws and rules that apply to the facility and residents

**Human relations

**Resident/family self-help methods to increase quality of care/quality of life at Bywood.

Bywood East promotes and supports the rights of residents to organize and pursue positive change at the facility.  Being actively involved in our Resident Council is encouraged.

As a family member, we are seeking your participation to re-vitalize a Family Council.

Please contact Julia Vera or Nicole Nelson in Social Services.


Don't be frightened!  It's just a "pop up" Bootique for all of our Halloween Fans!

Join us for Grilled Hot Dogs, and a limited amount of Halloween/Fall themed craft projects to purchase. This Spooktacular fundraiser is on Thursday, October 19th from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  All proceeds go to the resident Sunshine Club.


There were 11 residents at the September 13, 2017, meeting. Our next meeting is on October 10 at 1:30 p.m. in the living room.  The current Resident Council Co-Presidents are Joyce Ammerman and Dawn Jackson.  The staff liaison is Mary Farnham.


The minutes from the September newsletter were read and approved. 

GRIEVANCE FORMS:  There were 19 Grievance Forms.  All were HIPPA sensitive, and were reviewed by the resident who submitted them, and satisfied.


GUEST SPEAKER:  Steve Turner.  Steve reviewed the evacuation process.

There was a question (no grievance form) about availability of T.V.'s in all community areas and a sign up sheet for TV programming was suggested.  We will continue with our current procedure which basically involves a democratic process.  If a resident enters any of the community rooms with a television and wishes to change the channel, they must ask for a show of hands to gain a majority vote to change the channel.  You cannot "campaign for a channel," and you must wait until the current program is over before suggesting that the channel be changed. 

The hours of operations for community and personal TV's & radios is 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

The nursing staff have the remote controls to insure availability. 

Also, if there is a sporting event on one community TV, it may not monopolize the other community TV's.

Staff have been instructed to shut TV's off when there are behavioral issues that cannot be resolved.

Location of Residents' Bill of Rights Poster, the duties of an Ombudsman and the location of the current  DHS survey were discussed.

The Council also reviewed the Bingo policy and procedure.  Residents in attendance wished that they could win at every game, but realize that Bingo is a game of change and there are no guaranteed winners.  However; there was a unanimous vote to keep the current policy and procedure because it was fair.

Residents are reminded to sign up for the Fall Tour which is on Tuesday, October 3.  The bus leaves at 9:30 a.m.  We will be going to Aamodt's Apple Orchard in Stillwater.  Residents will be served apple pie, ice cream and coffee or hot cider.  We will return in time for lunch.


This month's topic is Bywood's smoking policy and procedure.

In order to assure the safety of all residents, staff and visitors, the facility has developed a policy and procedure for smoking.  All residents are informed of the smoking rules upon admission and sign the policy and procedure that they understand and will follow the rules.  There is no smoking allowed in any area of the building except for the third floor dayroom.  Residents must vacate the smoking room each day from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for cleaning.  The smoking room opens at 6:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. Smoking is permitted in the backyard patio area and in the front patio; there is no smoking in the parking lot or in Bywood's designated parking spots across the alley.

All residents who smoke must demonstrate to staff their ability to smoke in a safe manner.  Smokers must be able to light and hold a cigarette so that they do not burn holes in clothing (or body) and cigarettes must be disposed of in the appropriate containers.  If the resident is not determined to be safe, he/she is not allowed to keep cigarettes or lighters; these items are kept at the nurse's station and a written smoking plan is developed and managed by the nursing staff.  For this reason, residents are not allowed to sell, buy, borrow, or lend cigarettes or lighters to/from other residents.  Residents are not to take cigarette butts from ashtrays or garbage containers and should not be given a light for a "butt."  There is to be no smoking in the presence of oxygen equipment.


Does your busy schedule limit your holiday baking time?  Do you need a few extra goodies for a cookie tray for a family Christmas event?

Here is one solution.  Join us for a Christmas Fundraiser on Thursday, December 14, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  There will be a large selection of Holiday baked goods for you to choose from.  While you are in the building, warm yourself up, and satisfy your appetite by purchasing a freshly grilled hot dog, pop, chips, or a bowl of our famous chicken soup.

Many of our residents have been working on craft projects for you to purchase as well. 

Come as early as you can for the best selection.  For more questions, contact Mary Farnham at 612-788-9757. All proceeds go to the resident Sunshine Club.  The Sunshine Club provides transportation for outings, Christmas Gifts and entertainment for those who live at Bywood East Health Care.


Thank you to our residents and staff for their efforts and cooperation for our evacuation drill on Thursday, September 21.  We did a great job learning our newly found skills.


Thank you to our owner and administration staff for the wonderful staff event on September 20.  The was lots of prizes, awards, great food and the announcement of our Most Outstanding Person, Carla Buboltz.


Every year, the Department of Human Services contracts with a company named Vital Research to conduct Resident Satisfaction Surveys in all of Minnesotaís nursing facilities.

This year Vital Research will be here on October 4 to meet with residents on an individual basis to conduct the interviews.  Residents will be asked to come to Room 309 for the interviews.  Families will be mailed a satisfaction survey to return to Vital Research.

The Resident and Family Satisfaction Surveys are used to compile information about all the nursing facilities in the state and are used to calculate the results for the Nursing Home Report Card which is found at the Minnesota Department of Health website.

As always, when you have concerns about the services at Bywood East Health Care, you may complete a Grievance form which are found in the Dining Room, or speak to one of the department managers about your concerns.  We canít fix a problem if we donít know what it is!



On the Calendar
Fall Tour October 3
Communion October 4
Vital Research Survey  October 4
Concert October 6
Church Service October 9
Resident Council October 10
Mass October 11
Shopping Trip October 12
Birthday Party October 16
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Bootique/Hot Dog Fundraiser October 19
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